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Your Home Thermostat | Never Turn It Off

Most Vancouver residents know that our weather is quite mild compared to the rest of our country.

In fact, Vancouver typically has just 41 days per year that the temperature dips below zero. — Environment Canada

Energy efficiency or saving power is a popular topic these days, but we recommend that you NEVER ever turn your thermostat off completely.


Especially if you’re going away for your home for any period of time.

The risk of damage to your home is just too great.

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In the summertime, temperatures can get hot and without air being circulated through temperature management; dark, enclosed spaces near water sources can start growing mold.

In the wintertime, turning your thermostat off can result in water throughout your home freezing.  Regardless of how incredibly well insulated your home is, this is a potential hazard.   This may cause pipes to freeze, your boiler to crack or damage to your radiant floor heating and the rest of your home.

Turning your thermostat off can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars of required repairs to your home, plus unneeded stress and inconveniences.

Yes, adjusting your thermostat down a degree or two can potentially save you 1-3% on your heating bill.  Also, lowering your home temperature 3-5 degrees for eight hours a day, either while your out at work during the day or at night when you’re asleep, could potentially save you up to 10% of your Winter heating bill.

We recommend the lowest temperature you set your thermostat is 12-degrees if you are going away from your home for any period of time. This will minimize unneeded heating, yet ensure your home systems keep functioning and safely stay in working order.

An ideal tool to help manage your home temperature is a programmable thermostat. A simple tool like this can definitely make a noticeable difference in your energy usage without affecting your comfort.

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