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Sleeping Outside to Help Bring Homeless Youth Inside

Gavin McLeod, co-founder of Averra Developments will be heading to downtown Vancouver to sleep in an alley on April 2nd.


He’ll only have a cardboard box and sleeping bag to experience what so many young people in our city have to endure every night.

Gavin and his co-founding partner Guy Taylor have been focused on building custom homes in Vancouver for 10+ years.  They feel privileged to have built so many homes for amazing families and that Averra’s success has provided livelihoods for them and their loved ones.

As parents of seven children combined and being in the business of putting roofs over heads of those more fortunate, has sparked their passion to support Covenant House Vancouver.

It is a local organization that focuses on helping an estimated 500-1000 teens who sleep in the streets of Vancouver because they don’t have a place to go home to.

Covenant House Vancouver supports young people aged 16-24.  They are youth who have been forced from their homes (fleeing physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse) or have aged out of foster care.

The program currently provide things like:

  • 63 beds per night
  • support drop-in
  • street-outreach services
  • “Rights of Passage” program to get youth safe, affordable longer-term housing

Gavin is participating in Covenant House’s 2nd annual Sleep Out Entrepreneurs Edition.  The event raises awareness and vital funds for maintain and grow much needed services these kids rely on every day and night.

When asked how he feels about sleeping in a downtown alley, Gavin said, “It doesn’t sound comfortable, but it’s not supposed to be. I imagine the experience is going to really make me feel whta it is like to sleep in the street, although the big difference is that I only have to do it for one night.  Really makes me feel for those who don’t have a home.”

Covenant House relies on the generosity of the individuals and organizations that support it.

Here’s a link where you can make a donation of any amount which is hugely appreciated.


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