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Save Energy | Use On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters

Hot water efficiency in your home.

A recent study from the CMHC compares gas fired on-demand hot water heaters and conventional hot water holding tanks.  Results proved that on-demand water heaters were most cost effective using 46% less energy.

Clearly on-demand hot water heaters offer long-term efficiency and energy savings, there are some downsides when selecting this option over conventional tanks:

  1. Sometimes the use of hot water becomes excessive or wasteful.  This happens if people have the notion that there is unlimited hot water supply.
  2. If an on-demand hot water heater is vented out the sidewall of a home (instead of the roof) there can be damage to neighbouring homes over the long-term if proximity is too close.
  3. The biggest consumer concern is time it takes for hot water to reach taps.  Sometimes it can take up to 20-seconds for hot water to be supplied. One solution to this problem is to also install small holding tanks or recirculating pumps that supply you with warm water instantly.  Perfecting a system to match that of a conventional hot water tanks can be challenging, especially in larger homes.
  4. Cost of a conventional insulated 60-gallon tank with installation is approximately $500. An on-demand tank including venting through the roof will be in the $2,000 range.

If a hot water tank is still your chosen method to heat your hot water, ensure that you properly insulate the tank and the lines to prevent as much heat loss as possible. This will go a long way in conserving energy.

Other economical ways to greatly conserve energy when heating your hot water include solar hot water heating, and hot water recovery systems.

Stay posted for future posts on these complimentary and alternative methods.

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