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What Is A Net Zero Home?

What Are Net Zero Homes?

Essentially, Net Zero homes produce as much energy as they consume for heating and domestic hot water needs.  Net Zero labeled homes are at least 80% more energy efficient than homes built to conventional standards.


Why are Net Zero Homes becoming more popular?

Despite rising costs and interest rates; building a custom home or an investment duplex development is still a priority for many people in Vancouver.

In addition, the City of Vancouver (COV) has allowed relaxations and exclusions giving added benefit for new Net Zero building projects under the Zoning and Development By-law.

As of February 2023 the COV has restarted accepting new building and development permit submissions with relaxations and exclusions for Net Zero projects but now requires that the applicant team must include a CHBA Qualified Net Zero Builder; which we proudly are.  Further details about this requirement are available at vancovuer.ca/zeroemissions.


In the recent past, organizations, government and individuals that have steadily been raising both environmental awareness and accountability for us and the generations to come.

Here in BC, the Energy Step Code was developed to give British Columbians an incremental and consistent approach to making homes more energy-efficient as new homes are built to replace old ones.


The highest standard of the BC Energy Step Code are Net Zero Ready and Net Zero labeled homes.


Our Averra teams’ interest and passion for building science, quality construction, energy efficiency and our environment led to our Certification as a Net Zero Builder in Vancouver.


We have chosen to get educated, continually engaged in the evolution, new techniques and technologies.

Our training and building projects have made us an industry leader as a Qualified Net Zero Builder of single-family homes and duplexes in Vancouver, BC.

Through our experience, we have embraced advancements in building science and value the benefits of environmentally responsible practices.

Averra Developments has been building beautiful high quality homes in Vancouver and Burnaby for over 16-years.

We are proud of consistently constructing and finishing homes that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and home-buyers.


Benefits Of Living In A Net Zero Home

At this time, most people are motivated by some or all the following as reasons to build or buy a Net Zero home.


  • Utility bills will decrease and stay lower year-round
  • Protect residents from future increases of energy prices
  • Higher performance windows and doors with better insulated walls and roof decrease your homes energy needs



  • Improved building science to optimize temperatures throughout the home
  • Exceptional interior air quality; reduced allergens, dust, pollen and pollution
  • Tight construction and insulation; providing a quieter home



  • Preserves natural resources
  • Produces and consumes clean renewable-energy
  • Features minimize your household’s environmental footprint

NetZero Certified logo

In 2017, the BC government set specific goals the construction of more Net Zero Ready and Net Zero labeled homes, there has also been incentives and rebates created to motivate consumers and builders to shift towards building more energy efficient homes.


Features of Net Zero homes which are built to higher standards than conventional homes include:

  • Better insulation in walls and roof
  • Advanced construction methods and materials
  • Superior heating, cooling and ventilation systems – for temperatures throughout the home and exceptional indoor air quality (reduces allergens, asthma from dust, pollen and outdoor air pollution
  • Tightly built and well insulation – quieter homes
  • Preserving natural resources with focus on use of renewable resources (Eg. Electricity)
  • Producing clean renewable energy


We have had the privilege of collaborating with various experts to project manage and construct several Net Zero labeled homes.

Our passion for innovation combined with our desire to give clients homes which are:

  • More valuable
  • Offer added comfort
  • Healthier living atmospheres
  • Environmentally responsible

New technologies and materials allow us to create more durable homes.  The forethought and collaboration that goes into developing the plans for these homes ensure that they meet requirements so that they obtain ERS and Net Zero labels upon completion.


Learn more about Net Zero Homes?


Start exploring how our Averra Team can help you build your new home(s).


Visit our Projects Page to view some of the Net Zero homes we have in progress or are completed.

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