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Our Story

From day one, we’ve built our
business on trust, transparency,
and having our clients’ backs.

We’re Solid

We feel very fortunate for the experiences we’ve shared building beautiful homes for such great people in our own neighbourhoods over the past decade. It hasn’t always been easy, but the fulfilment of helping homeowners realize their vision of a new home is worth it. The mutual respect we share with our team and the clients we serve with a focus on construction quality and a “putting homeowner’s first” attitude allows us to deliver a solid Project and Construction management system.

Averra Developments was founded on the simple idea of working on quality projects for genuine people. Whether it’s a modern new build off Main Street, a house raise off Cambie, or a new duplex in Mount Pleasant, we’re excited to bring our high level of quality and genuine excitement to every project we get our hands on.

Our Work

Long story short, we’re all about taking on projects that showcase quality and attention– a serious helping of stellar design doesn’t hurt either.

What We Do

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